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URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-11-2018

Kratom Warriors: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!!

The FDA has lobbied the Speaker of the House and they are trying to force the SITSA Bill to the House Floor without the amendment to protect kratom from a back-door scheduling maneuver.

The House of Representatives Rules Committee will hear this bill on Tuesday afternoon.

It is critical if you live the Congressional District of one of these House of Representatives (who serve on the Rules Committee) CALL THEM IMMEDIATELY AND ASK THEM TO SUPPORT THE POCAN AMENDMENT TO PROTECT KRATOM.

All Kratom Warriors should contact their own Congressman and tell them to support the Pocan Amendment.

You help is urgently needed. Call immediately to protect kratom.

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-12-2018

Additional Information From Our AKA Lobbyist - Mac Haddow

How does SITSA apply to Kratom?

SITSA, as drafted, would significantly expand the universe of drugs or substances that DEA could immediately control with little notice to legitimate stakeholders or input from experts and with few curbs on the authority of DEA. In so doing, the proposed law would give DEA the unfettered ability to eliminate access to such substances, despite what may be longstanding and legitimate non-medical uses (e.g., industrial uses, uses in foods, uses in dietary supplements) and would substantially curtail and burden legitimate scientific research and product development.

Furthermore, despite the reference to synthetic analogs in the title of the legislation, the legislative language is so broad as to sweep in a range of drugs or substances. In essence, DEA (working with FDA) could schedule kratom on the claim that it is an opioid analog (a claim publicly made by FDA Commissioner Gottlieb on Nov. 14, 2017). SITSA does not require any justification from NIDA or HHS on the science, and the AG has complete discretion.

Add to that, if SITSA passes and the AG decides to ban Kratom using SITSA, we have no recourse for 5 years. Zero recourse...

Once it is scheduled "temporarily" under SITSA for 5 years, the AG can unilaterally continue it -- there is no judicial review permitted. The only claim would have to be on Constitutional grounds, and that is a very expensive and lengthy process with a very uncertain outcome.

Those who make the claim that kratom could not be scheduled under SITSA have clearly not read the definitions that are so broad -- and combined with Gottlieb's claims -- puts kratom squarely in the sights of the regulators.


Ok, folks, we are going to try and answer a few questions in this post here.

Number 1: Follow the link on the SITSA post. "Only" contact those that are on your list, in your district, on the rules committee.

Number 2: What do I say? 
If you are calling the House Rules Committee and speaking to your Representative, simply tell him, " I am calling to ask you to support the Pocan Amendment to the SITSA Bill. He/she will know what you're talking about, in regards to SITSA. If they say they can't support the amendment then ask him/her to Simply vote NO on SITSA

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - Bizaro22 - 06-13-2018

What the hell is going on with this thread?    Huh

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - catdance62 - 06-13-2018

the admins aren't removing the spam

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-14-2018

(06-13-2018, 12:06 AM)Bizaro22 Wrote: What the hell is going on with this thread?    Huh

(06-13-2018, 01:34 AM)catdance62 Wrote: the admins aren't removing the spam

My apologies, my father is on hospice care & expected to go soon so I have been with him. I am handling it now, Biz & Catdance62.

Thank You for your patience & for letting me know.

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-14-2018

*I am posting a quick recap to provide a clear timeline of the events surrounding SITSA on June 12th ...

From Mac Haddow.....
Quote:The House Rules Committee, on a 6-4 party line vote, defeated the Pocan/Gosar/Polis kratom amendment. That prevents any attempt to amend the SITSA Act on the House Floor when the vote is taken on Friday (assuming the current schedule for consideration holds). 
The next battle will take place in the Senate Judiciary Committee when the issue is scheduled for a Hearing. The AKA will provide specific directions on how to best contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee once we confirm a schedule for their taking up the SITSA legislation.
We thank everyone for their support and diligent efforts in contacting the House Rules Committee members, and for raising your voice to protect the freedom of Americans to make their own choices on how to best manage their health and well-being.
We will fight on to protect kratom.

SITSA Rules Committee Hearing & Pocan/Gosar Amendment

[Image: attachment.php?aid=146]

For those who were watching the House Rules Committee Hearing this afternoon, it was expected that Representative Pocan would present his kratom amendment before the Committee. Unfortunately, the combination of the delay in the start of the Rules Committee Hearing, and another legislative issue that required the presence of Representative Pocan in another Hearing and a House Floor issue that prevented him from getting back to the Rules Committee before the SITSA portion of the Hearing was closed. Representative Pocan did file the kratom amendment in a timely way, and the Rules Committee should vote on the amendment before SITSA is referred to the Floor. If the Rules Committee defeats the kratom amendment, we will then look to amend SITSA on the House Floor. The House is expected to vote on SITSA on Friday.


RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-15-2018


The House Rules Committee voted on party lines, 6-4, to reject the Pocan/Gosar/Polis amendment that would have protected kratom from the SITSA scheduling authority given to the Attorney General. This was not a vote on the merit of the amendment, but rather a procedural vote by the Republicans to reject ANY amendment that was not discussed or voted on by the Committee of jurisdiction.

The SITSA bill was originally assigned to two Committees: The House Judiciary Committee, and the House Energy & Commerce Committee. When the SITSA bill was marked up by the House Judiciary Committee, the amendment to exempt kratom was not offered because of confusion by Chairman Goodlatte and his staff about the position of the kratom community on SITSA. A newly formed group at the time had published a statement on their new website supporting SITSA, and the Judiciary Committee staff were directed to that statement by a member of that newly-formed advocacy organization, and they mistakenly believed that statement represented the views of the mainstream kratom community.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee intended to debate and accept amendments on SITSA in a Hearing, but that plan was short-circuited by direction by the House Leadership that all "opioid-related" bills would be voted on by Friday of this week, and there was no time to schedule a Hearing on SITSA, so the Committee waived jurisdiction and the SITSA bill was send to the House Rules Committee.

The important point for the Kratom Nation to understand is that the vote in the House Rules was not on the merits of the amendment but was actually a procedural maneuver to block a number of other amendments that had not been heard in the Judiciary Committee.

The SITSA bill, when passed by the House on Friday this week as anticipated, will go to the Senate Judiciary Committee where the kratom amendment will be presented and debated. We will fight hard to have the amendment accepted.


Added Note ...
We understand that many people feel the need to call their House of Representatives member. We do not feel that it would be of benefit, however, if you decide to call them before the House floor vote on Friday, feel free.

We will continue to focus our efforts on the Senate Judiciary Committee. We are Not asking for calls to them yet. This could change at any time when that does happen, we will issue a Formal Call-to-Action.

RE: URGENT SITSA UPDATE!!!! - itzatwist - 06-16-2018

Just to keep everyone informed...

Yes, the SITSA Bill passed the floor vote, as expected. We will be issuing an official Call-To-Action, once it is actually scheduled for the Senate Judiciary Committee. We are not doing this yet, because we want a very Strong, Concerted, All at one time, effort.

The fight is far from over.