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Full Version: SITSA H.R. 2851 & S. 1327 - AKA & BEA & KTA
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Kratom Warriors:

To those who are anxious to start the grassroots advocacy effort to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on SITSA (H.R. 2851 and S. 1327) please know that AKA, BEA, and KTA are coordinating a broad-based lobbying effort to support the amendment that will protect the legality of kratom. The AKA, BEA, and KTA lobbying teams are focusing on educating members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on kratom and why SITSA needs to be amended.

The grassroots advocacy is most effective when it occurs right before a hearing and vote is going to be taken. The offices of Senators and Congressman are inundated every day with calls from constituents, and the overwhelming volume of calls and emails (particularly those that are spread out over a long period of time) literally buries an issue like SITSA – unless we concentrate the calls and emails in the time period immediately before a hearing and vote. A blitz of communications with a consistent message, delivered in a targeted time frame, will be the most effective way to deliver the message that we need to keep kratom legal.

Everyone has the right to express themselves, and we are not suggesting anyone should not do so. But we strongly urge that we work together to deliver the most powerful message possible at the right time and to the right members of the U.S. Senate.

One last point. The House of Representatives has passed nearly three dozen opioid crisis bills in the last two weeks, with more to come. In addition to SITSA, House Bill 5228, the SCREEN Act, also presents some potential risks for consumer access to safe kratom products/plants. The key issue is the definition of what constitutes an adulterated or misbranded drug. That is the heart of the SITSA amendment we are supporting where we properly define kratom as a natural plant, not an analogue of an opioid or any other kind of drug or dangerous substance. We will work on the SCREEN Act as well on this important point.

The AKA fully supports giving the FDA and DEA legitimate tools to interdict dangerous analogues of opioids. We object to the effort by the FDA to expand the definition of such analogues to a safe plant like kratom.

I have already made contact with my representative, is there a petition I may sign in support of this ammendment?
(06-29-2018, 05:29 PM)Michael Deja Wrote: [ -> ]I have already made contact with my representative, is there a petition I may sign in support of this ammendment?

There are no petitions put out by the AKA. If you continue to check here in the "Kratom Advocacy" forum under both, "AKA Announcements" & the "AKA Alerts" Threads all AKA CTA's (Calls To Action), Alerts & Announcements are posted as soon as they are released in the AKA FB groups.

Thank You for doing your due diligence, Michael. I have seen the kratom community come together very powerfully to fight this injustice. Together, we will do this!!!

By the way, Welcome to the forum, Michael  Welcomewave It's a pleasure to meet you.