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FDA Commissioner Gottlieb Won't Stop the Attack on Kratom
We need your help to fight back!


Dear Kratom Warrior:

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb smells blood in the water, and he is doubling down on trying to force the DEA to ban kratom by making it a Schedule I drug like heroin and fentanyl.

And Gottlieb has turned the FDA propaganda machine into high gear filling the airways and headlines in the media with his lies about kratom, so we can't afford to lose another minute in fighting back.
If you’re like me, I am tired of the lies and the political shenanigans that the FDA is pulling. I am sick of the false reports the FDA is flooding the media with about kratom.

We are excited to announce that a generous donor has offered to match every donation AKA receives this week!

That means your donation will have DOUBLE THE IMPACT! If you have donated in the past to the AKA, thank you. This is an all-out war and we are far from finished. We need continued and ongoing support from the kratom community to keep kratom legal. With all donations matched, you have the chance to double the impact of your gift and help us fight the FDA harder than we have before.

I am ready to authorize our scientific and PR teams to debunk the FDA lie that kratom is a dangerous opioid and that kratom kills people. But I am $28,450 short of our goal to tell our side of the story. 
The AKA is counting on grassroots supporters like you to fight back against the FDA’s insane war on kratom – but I have to make the commitment to authorize the campaign to publicize our scientific data by midnight tonight or the price increases and we lose our window of opportunity.

If we miss this goal, we could lose our best chance to convince the DEA the FDA is flat out lying. We need to tell the DEA that the deaths the FDA is claiming to be “associated” with kratom use are WRONG! And we have the science to prove it.

Will you rush $100 or more immediately to protect kratom and tell the DEA to make the FDA prove its false claims about kratom?

DONATE $100 (BECOMES $200)
DONATE $200 (BECOMES $400)
DONATE $500 (BECOMES $1,000)


There really shouldn’t be a question about the safety of kratom. Kratom has been used safely for centuries in Southeast Asia, and for decades here in the United States.

But the sad truth is, this is an uphill battle against the FDA. They used their bogus science and lies to convince the Assistant Secretary of Health at HHS to forward the scheduling of kratom recommendation to the DEA.

And our fight will not end when we convince the DEA to send the kratom scheduling recommendation back to the FDA just like they did in 2016.

The FDA is telling law enforcement officials and state pharmacy boards across America that kratom is deadly – and they have to ban it in their states and local communities.

This is a fight on all fronts. Can we count on you?

Thanks for coming through. It means the world for all of us!

Dave Herman, Chairman
American Kratom Association


*Two black eyes for the price of one!!!


Kratom Warriors.....

Our Generous (anonymous) donor, has graciously agreed to extend their offer to match donations until midnight tomorrow, Sunday, night. So please, donate now, to give double the impact to your dollars.

Fundraising Goal Achieved!

Dear Kratom Warrior:

Over the last several days, I have been truly humbled by the outpouring of support and generosity by the defenders of kratom.

Last week, we asked you to help us achieve our goal of raising $28,450 that would allow us to pay for a scientific push against the misinformation campaign the FDA is pushing about kratom. The opportunity to pay for this much-needed work was even more exciting due to the generosity of one of our donors who agreed to match each donation $1 for $1.

Well, you all stepped up and helped raise over $70,000!

From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!

As promised, your $70,000 now becomes $140,000!

This money will now allow us to move forward in hiring several teams that will descend on states like Wisconsin and Rhode Island, and in local communities like Jerseyville, IL where we need to make the case for repealing bans on kratom that currently exist. Your tremendous response and support will also allow us to commission Dr. Jack Henningfield to develop a set of industry standards that will further protect consumers and make the industry safer for everyone.

Make no mistake...your generosity sent a clear message to the FDA that we will not sit idly by why they spread lies about kratom.

The truth is on our side - kratom is safe, not highly addictive, and helps millions of people live a happier life.

I also want to address an important question raised by some donors, and a few who declined to donate despite supporting the cause, regarding how donor lists are handled by the AKA.

AKA does not sell our donor lists to anyone.

The AKA also withholds names of individual donors that are protected by IRS filing regulations so no other organization can take those donor names and solicit contributions from you. We fully respect your privacy, and we know how irritating it is to be barraged by groups who have purchased donor lists from other organizations and charities, and that is why you have our commitment to not sell your name and contact information to anyone.

You have my word on that, and I will not violate that trust.

You have our commitment that we will continue to fight to protect kratom. I know that with all of us working together, nothing can stop us.

Thank you!

Dave Herman, Chairman
American Kratom Association

This is a great (potential) victory for us all.
If we could now get Wikipedia to be more subjective on it's "facts" of Mitragyna speciosa maybe we could control the misinformation doled out to the general public.
Makes me sick to see wiki demonize this plant without so much as one counter-point. I refuse to wiki anything ever again.
Peace, family.
Dont get ItzaTwist started on!
(06-04-2018, 10:50 PM)Bizaro22 Wrote: [ -> ]Dont get ItzaTwist started on!

Biz is so right on this one it hurts, LMAO!!!

By the way, Welcome to the forum, Tek ... Welcomewave
OK... will leave it be... (as he inhales deeply and releases a tiny bit of frustration over the matter).
Thanks for the welcome and hope all are well.
(06-06-2018, 11:38 PM)PtahTek Wrote: [ -> ]OK... will leave it be... (as he inhales deeply and releases a tiny bit of frustration over the matter).
Thanks for the welcome and hope all are well.

Oh Tek, you have nooo idea how deep I have gone with that whole wiki business. Frustration is only the beginning. I have moved so far past frustration that I am not even sure there is a word for it  Dodgy

Hey, if & when you care to take the time how bout a little intro? It appears we have an annoying little man in common ... Doc James, the truly awful editor in charge of the Mitra wikipedia page. Oh, & let's not forget his merry little band of trolls, "Editors without borders" along with his page bots!!!
I completely feel your pain(s).
Just a shame that our leaders are in fact just psychopathic megalomaniacs. There is no empathy, humanity or selflessness... only corruption and greed.
We are doing all we can but it seems that buying kilos is our best "bet". I feel like a "doom prepper" but am buying up and vacuum
Hope to get here more often.
Would like to see a vendor start a forum on their site but maybe it is too forward in these times. I believe it would be novel and possibly/probably busy: They know who I speak of. Wink
AKA is pushing for stringent protocol: When it all comes down it seems that regulating (which hasn't been an issue for thousands of years, IMO) is the key... or maybe not (there may be legislation after motion ad nausea...) or more relevant ---> TAXATION and other "usage" fees..................................
Oh, forget it. I see a silver lining and will chase it to the end. IF these greedy MFs win-out: I will not feel bad for what they get and is deserving.
One love family,

And oh, yeah... I would bet that 75% of those sitting in their "high-chairs" are on the opies and would love to get off... but hands are tied from lobbyists. Man, F these MFs, Bro!