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Time to De-Throne the Pharmaceutical Mafia
Time to De-Throne the Pharmaceutical Mafia

Paul Kemp     Follow @Healthseeker 
Jan 29, 2018

If ever there was a "swamp" in Washington that needs draining, it is the near-total domination of medical thought and practice by the #PharmaceuticalIndustry. Admittedly, there are some things -- such as trauma care and infections -- they have valuable skills to contribute, but, on the whole, they are not only failing us, but discouraging any investigation into simpler, inexpensive methods of preventing disease and supporting our health.

Not only does the U.S. Government throw money to the #MedicalMafia for research to find the "cure for cancer", which Pharma funnels into more #SymptomaticTreatments that may extend life for a few weeks, but they also use their financial weight to #LobbyAgainst #herbs like #kratom that millions of Americans are using to end their dependence on opioid drugs at their own expense!

Of course, in the upside-down world of Dr. Gottlieb, new Commissioner of the #FDA, this is a bad thing because former addicts did not pay for "professional" help in ending their addiction. Thanks, Doc, medical professionals got us into addiction, why should we pay them to try to free us by means of creating new dependencies to methadone and suboxone? Good try, though!

By the way, has anyone ever done an #AuditedStudy of the track record of the #DrugRehabIndustry, which is salivating at the possibility of receiving federal largesse to solve the #OpioidEpidemic? I've looked and wasn't able to find anything trustworthy.

There are so many egregious examples of how our #SocietyOverpays the #PharmaceuticalMafia for needless boondoggles, such as the search for a ZIKA Vaccine:

Pardon my rant, but I'm tired of seeing my country's health deteriorating due to bad advice from the medical/pharmaceutical industry. Now, when they are obviously behind an attempt to ban kratom, rather than asking the FDA to do their duty to #regulate it as a #DietarySupplement -- even as #Pharma and their minions try to pass laws to force vaccines on ALL of us, disregarding the damage they sometimes cause. We need to make national health a priority and #StopFunneling billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical industry, which has #NoIncentive to make us healthier.

The sicker we get, the more they profit! Why can't our Congress figure this out? (Of course, thinking people know why.)
If there ever was a "#swamp" that needs draining in #Washington, this is it! Our lives and finances depend upon it.

#IamKratom #KeepKratomLegal #KratomSavesLives #TeamAKA #DrainTheSwamp #SUD #NaturalRecoverySolution

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