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Opioid Crisis Fueled by Drug Industry & Congress
Whistleblower Joe Rannazzisi says drug distributors pumped opioids into U.S. communities -- knowing that people were dying -- and says industry lobbyists and Congress derailed the DEA's efforts to stop it.

Link to article here ...
Worry comes from the belief you are powerless
There is a long history of the CIA flooding the USA with heroin and LSD. And then government agencies have the opportunity to ask for funding to solve "the problem." The opioid crisis has been engineered by the law makers and government officials who are now profiting from said "crisis" by obtaining funding for the DEA and for all these recovery centers that are now appearing. Somebody will be benefiting from all these "recovery centers" and it won't be the addicts that have been created. And that is the saddest part.

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