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Be proud/ stay loud !
Lately it occurs to me just how dejecting all the constant bad kratom news is becoming for us all. Feeling hopeless. Negative news. It's non-stop.  FDA lies here.. new state fight over there. Then salmonella too? (Shakes head)
Many know the kratom roller coaster has been going on for years now.  I have lived it with many of you.

But lately the opposition tactics are just becoming absurd. As in desperately absurd.
The anarchist in me says we must really be leaving a mark, in order to push them all this far off the freaking sane branches..  Their problem is going to be that the lies will remain long after this battle is done. History will judge their actions. And our objections. Many lives may well be in the balance now, but i believe the fda will also receive their judgment. Not the "here after" type, but the here on Earth type. It's already in the making. Its happening in some pretty bright, and some very dark corners of society already. Scientists, pain patients, addicts, and even a few politicians now awakening en mass with mom and pop to the FDA. To the abject corruption that lay in that nest. Nationally, the secret is out. The FDA, whom are not for the solutions- but in it for the power and money. Big pharma- which is not for cures, but customers. The monopolies controlling our lives. I see awareness of these facts everywhere now, where it hadn't existed just 3-4 years ago. 

We have all accomplished this. We have become more aware. And we're still moving the mountain.  We can be proud. But not satisfied. This is the fuel that keeps me going amidst all the odds and the negative propaganda surrounding our cause. I'll keep fighting for this forever. I'm so proud of my many friends, and all the honest people with like minds fighting for this cause. I've made so many friends here whose lives I am now also fighting for.

Thank you all for being with me.

I don't think I've post here on the forum yet, though I have been here since the beginning.. hope y'all don't mind me speaking my mind. Thanks. 
"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex"

Quote:I don't think I've post here on the forum yet, though I have been here since the beginning.. hope y'all don't mind me speaking my mind. 



Ummm ... 

You're joking, right? 

I am counting on you speaking your mind, Tide  Tongue
Worry comes from the belief you are powerless
I agree we seem to be throwing a wrench in the plan. It seems that S. Gottlieb up until now has sailed through life without anybody really challenging his ideas or authority. I think that is why he seems to be taking a personal role that is much more than usually seen from an FDA director. Usually, you would see a policy announcement from the director and then it would all be the PR department/ spokesman from there. I think we have bloodied his that he has stepped out of the shadows he is fair game. We need to freeze him, personalize it and then polarize him.
 "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men"
TTide, what you have to say is always of value. And yes, corrupt is the right word for something that I always thought of as above all that.

I saw a Documentary with Pam Popper (dietician) say something like "The USDA has emerged as an advocacy group for farmers... which is OK, lets have one. But when their board is populated by big food tycoons giving advice on what to eat you know they are going to do whats best for their constinuents. The American public are not the USDA's constituents." or words to that effect. And that to me is the definition of a corrupt institution

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