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Pain News Network, by Jane Babin
By Jane Babin, Guest Columnist

The alphabet soup of federal agencies continues their full-frontal assault on #painpatients and the #opioid “epidemic.”

On Tuesday, the #DEA raided the offices and home of Dr. Forest Tennant, an outspoken critic of federal efforts to regulate opioid prescribing.

Last week the #DEA finalized plans for another 20 percent cut in the supply of opioid medication, apparently acting at the behest of 16 U.S. senators.

And this week #FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb declared a public health advisory over the increasing use of the #herbalsupplement #kratom, telling people they should use #FDA-approved medications instead. 

Well, Dr. Gottlieb, people don’t have access to the #FDA-approved pain medications they need and it’s getting worse each day.  Fewer people might look for #alternatives for their #pain and/or addiction if they were treated adequately, with the dignity and respect they deserve, and without mistrust, denigration or a pound of flesh.  


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