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FDA/DEA War on Chronic Pain Sufferers
The #DrugEnforcementAdministration has finalized plans to reduce the supply of opioid painkillers by 20% next year (1) despite warnings from drug makers and patients that it could lead to shortages of pain medication. The DEA was under pressure from a group of 16 U.S. senators (2) to reduce the supply of opioids even further.

The Food and Drug Administration may soon require that some opioid painkillers be packaged in "blister packs"  (3) to limit the number of pills that can be prescribed and dispensed at one time.

Limiting access to prescription opioids hasn't worked so far -- addiction and overdose rates are still climbing. PNN columnist Roger Chriss looks at the 3 reasons the opioid crisis is getting worse. (4) 

The #FDA has released a public health advisory warning about kratom (5) an #HerbalSupplement used by millions of people around the world to treat pain, depression and addiction. The #FDAcommissioner says he has "significant concerns" about the increasing use of #kratom and its potential health risks.

Do you feel anxious or depressed when you visit a doctor? PNN columnist Barby Ingle says its important to learn how to manage your emotions (6) to get the most out of pain care.


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