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Kratom Warriors
We are under direct and constant assault by the FDA and their crusade to ban kratom.
The agency literally has unlimited money and an army of public relations experts who are flooding the media with their anti-kratom propaganda every day.

They get away with deliberate lies about kratom safety and use false reports of alleged deaths and adverse events about contaminated and adulterated kratom products to mislead Congress, state legislatures, the media, and the public into thinking all kratom is unsafe.

All of this to cover up the plain fact that the FDA has failed in its mission to protect the public from unsafe adulterated and contaminated products – which is the number one consumer safety duty they have under laws passed by Congress.

The FDA uses these lies as their justification for an unfair import alert to choke the supply of safe kratom plants into the United States, and their clear agenda is to ban the sale of all kratom in the United States.

FDA Commissioner Gottlieb is leading this war on kratom with a constant stream of bogus and irresponsible claims that kratom is an opioid analog, and that it is just as addictive and deadly as opioids themselves.

These lies are part of a broader FDA agenda to strip Americans of the freedom to make their own informed choices about products they use to maintain their health and well-being. Well-informed consumers do not need a Washington bureaucrat dictating what we can and cannot do in making choices between safe natural herbal products and chemically formulated products the FDA regulates.
And isn’t that the heart of the problem?

The FDA wants to dramatically expand its regulatory reach into our lives, increase its army of regulators and bureaucrats, and strip us of our ability to make our own informed decisions and choices on the products we use.

We know kratom is safe
We have expended blood and treasure to scientifically study kratom, and we have the evidence that conclusively proves that kratom is safe. We have completely debunked false claims of deaths, addiction, abuse, and harm. When given the chance to present the facts to policymakers, armed with the compelling science and research that proves the safety of kratom, we have been successful in multiple jurisdictions in stopping potential bans.

Our success is more remarkable given that we have to fight the vast and robust propaganda machine of the FDA and the DEA who flood the information channels to state law enforcement and state pharmacy boards with their lies about kratom. When members of Congress and state legislators see the evidence that proves we are telling the truth about kratom, more and more are willing to join us in resisting the lies and propaganda of the FDA.

I was asked by a reporter the other day who is the biggest enemy of the kratom community, and my answer may surprise you.

It really is not the FDA or the DEA
We can, when given the opportunity, show the evidence on the safety of kratom.
Our biggest enemy is irresponsible vendors who fail to maintain the safety and integrity of the supply chain in delivering quality kratom products to consumers.

Vendors who fail to manufacture and package kratom using accepted standards to ensure product purity is our biggest enemy.

Vendors who deliberately adulterate pure kratom with other dangerous or unapproved substances are our biggest enemy.

Vendors who make impermissible health claims to mislead consumers into buying their products are our biggest enemy.

Vendors who sell kratom spiked with dangerous illegal substances at potentially toxic doses – like what happened in Sweden in 2009 where 9 people died from a toxic mixture of kratom powder with a deadly concentration of O-desmethyltramadol – are our biggest enemy.

The FDA jumps on every misbranded, mislabeled, adulterated, contaminated, and poorly packaged kratom product and claims that those products are just kratom. And that is why kratom has to be banned.

It outrages me when I read reports of a few irresponsible kratom vendors who make false and unsubstantiated health claims about kratom, or those kratom vendors who are just irresponsible in the way they manufacture, package and ship their products to unsuspecting kratom consumers.
Those enemies hand the FDA their daily headlines to smear legitimate kratom vendors, and they hand the FDA the weapons to demonize kratom as an unsafe plant.

Those irresponsible vendors are our biggest enemy, and I am committed to putting them out of business once and for all.

We are a community that believes that Americans have the right to choose the products we want to use for our health and well-being when used responsibly.

We are a community that recently came together at a Kratom Leadership Summit to unite in an effort to commit to protect consumers, develop a set of standards to demonstrate our commitment to self-regulate the kratom industry, and to unite in building increased confidence of consumers in the quality and safety of kratom, all for the common good of the kratom community.

We are average Americans -- mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers in the mainstream of American society -- who oppose government overreach into our private lives. We are Americans who support responsible regulation by an FDA that fulfills its true mandate to ensure products are manufactured and packaged safely to protect against adulteration and contamination by rogue vendors.

When I was asked to become the Chairman of the American Kratom Association, I told our Board that my most important priority would be to ensure the safety of responsibly manufactured and packaged kratom products so the kratom consumers could have full confidence they could safely use kratom products.

It is a core part of the AKA mission:
AKA strongly condemns the improper and impermissible medical claims made by some unethical and irresponsible vendors.

The AKA fully supports the FDA and their legitimate efforts to protect consumers from impure, adulterated, and contaminated kratom products marketed by bad actors.

The AKA believes we must self-regulate the kratom industry for the benefit of all consumers and vendors.

The AKA is fully committed to supporting a growing kratom industry that protects consumers, delivers kratom products with acceptable purity, quality, and safety.

When we do this, the FDA will have no weapons to fight us. The FDA will be left with a discredited propaganda campaign that policymakers will see for what it is: a brazen and naked attempt to increase its regulatory control of every American.

That is why we must do everything in our power to protect the kratom community, and I pledge my full efforts to doing just that.

Dave Herman
American Kratom Association


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