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AKA-Update on MS, IL, NY, NJ, KS, TN
Just wanted to give you all some brief updates regarding states that we are working in.

Mississippi, Illinois, New York, New Jersey are all still in a holding pattern, we are asking that No Action be made at this time.

Kansas and Tennessee are waiting for final signatures and have had no change to them.

We have lobbyists on the ground and doing their jobs. They have said the best thing we can do, is allow them to keep doing their jobs and be patient. It is truly a waiting game at this time.

Now as to what you can do, what needs to be done... Please continue to monitor your local City/County governing body, see what they are discussing, watch for new laws that they are looking to pass in YOUR community, communities around you. That is where we need each and every one of you to step up and step in. We can easily monitor the states and of course federal. We cannot watch every community in the country.

Worry comes from the belief you are powerless

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