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AKA Has Verified Authentic FDA Documents
The AKA has received copies of the emails and has taken appropriate steps to confirm they are actual FDA documents. We are convinced, based on that review, that the documents showing the communications from the FDA on this matter are authentic and reflect what was said by the FDA staff.

It would be a Federal Crime for anyone to forge or create fraudulent documents.

Most important, for those critics in the kratom community who choose to condemn the AKA for fundraising, we do so to fund advocacy efforts to keep kratom legal. Our successes with the DEA Notice of Emergency Scheduling, and the more than two dozen anti-kratom proposals in state legislatures since have proven that our model has worked. We make no apology for raising this money because it allows us to hire competent professional lobbyists, funds needed scientific research and reports, and allows us to continue a critical advocacy effort.

The FDA is on a crusade to schedule kratom, and the DEA could make such an announcement at any time. That will require enormous resources to fight the legal and political battle, and we will call upon our supporters to fund those initiatives.

We are able to operate due to the generosity of kratom supporters around the country, for which we are extremely grateful. There is no other way to fight the War on Kratom that the FDA has launched. We will fight as long as is necessary with the support of the kratom community. We encourage all to join us."

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People were really upset about asking for donations? Its not like you were required to donate to keep the AKA fighting for kratom. Pointing out you need donations to help fight is what EVERY nonprofit does. Don't want to donate then don't. I will, because I know there is no such thing as a free lunch.
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