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Kratom Consumer Caution!
ADVISORY: Kratom Consumer Caution

The American Kratom Association (AKA) strongly urges all kratom consumers to carefully select the vendors from whom they purchase kratom.

When selecting vendors to purchase kratom, reward responsible vendors who:
● Protect the supply chain for the kratom plants;
● Adhere to good manufacturing practices;
● Follow all Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations in the claims made for their kratom products; and
● Responsibly act when situations arise with their products that create potential safety concerns.

Vendors who make illegal health claims on their kratom products, including therapeutic claims that make the kratom product an unapproved drug, should be avoided. These vendors actually increase the threat of the government scheduling kratom because of their irresponsible actions.

The AKA supports appropriate enforcement actions by the FDA against kratom products that are adulterated or contaminated, or that make health claims in violation of the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act or the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act.

Kratom products that substantially alter the concentration of the kratom alkaloids to enhance the effects of kratom should be subject to review by the FDA as a new dietary ingredient.

The AKA has learned that some kratom leaves that are being marketed have been sprayed with "spiked mitragynine or 7-OH chemicals" to enhance the effects of the natural kratom botanical. This constitutes an illegal adulteration of the kratom plant. Those products and any vendors involved in this illegal conduct should be avoided at all costs.

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Not supporting flashy and Gimicky packaging should be on there. Also not supporting gas station and head shops.
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(03-17-2018, 10:33 AM)Rob83 Wrote: Not supporting flashy and Gimicky packaging should be on there. Also not supporting gas station and head shops.

I agree of flashy pimp and zombie brand kratom (just 2 examples) is a winning proposition for the well as prepackaged capsules
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Important Update From The AKA!

The AKA learned of the adulteration of natural kratom leaves from briefings the DEA is providing to members of Congress. 
No information was provided on the vendor involved, but the fact that the “spiking” of kratom leaves is occurring is a significant concern. 
The AKA reiterates its recommendation that kratom users rely on reliable vendors they have used, and if you need recommendations for a vendor please ask for referrals on the variety of social media sites where kratom users provide vendor reviews. 
In this current environment, the uncertain status of the supply chain for kratom products requires due diligence by consumers.
Worry comes from the belief you are powerless

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