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BIG Final push for Signatures on the AKA to Trump Petition!
"PLEASE!!! I am seriously begging that everyone who sees this post, SIGN THE PETITION!!!
Convince Your Family to Sign this Petition, Convince Your Friends to Sign this Petition, Convince Your Neighbors to Sign this Petition, Convince the Guy on the corner warning everyone the sky is falling to Sign this Petition, convince EVERYONE to Sign this Petition!

Not only for kratom, Not for Trump, not for the AKA, Not for me, do this for Yourself ... make your voice Heard!

If you want to continue to choose how YOU treat yourself, how you continue to Thrive; be it with OTC, Herbs, Supplements, Vitamins, etc. To Thrive or To Continue to have this Precious Power of Choice help YOURSELF & FIGHT for OUR right to CHOOSE! 

Let's give one Final, Huge push for OUR Petition!

Please, I KNOW WE can get 40,000 Signatures by Monday AM! 

Let's DO This, Let's make this happen!!!

Link to Petition:
Worry comes from the belief you are powerless
Just to let you all know... We got nearly 500 signatures OVERNIGHT!

We WILL do this!!!

Keep pushing, do Not give up! 
The one thing we have noticed is how many people are just now seeing this for the first time... 

So Share, Post, Push...

Link to Petition:
Worry comes from the belief you are powerless

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